Your prized houseplants spent the warm summer months basking in the sun but now they are back indoors for the winter; but something seems to have moved in with them! Don't panic - it is possible to keep unwelcome visitors away- or to evict them from your pots and your home. Here is a list of common houseplant pests and some easy treatments to make your tropical plants a no-fly-zone! 


蚜虫 may very well be the most commonly known unwanted houseplant pest. 蚜虫是绿色的, 棕色(的), red or black soft-bodied insects that suck plant juices causing deformation of leaves and blooms. They are found on the 下side of leaves, usually on the newer growth. They deposit sticky honeydew on the leaves, which can lead to sooty mold. They reproduce quickly and may also spread plant viruses.

蚜虫很容易用手压扁, 而是为了消灭整个殖民地, follow these instructions: rid the plant of all aphids by rinsing them off either outdoors with a hose, 或者在淋浴时,或者在厨房的水槽里. 如果没有效果,那就用 杀虫肥皂. Check back every few days for any stragglers and repeat the soap spray treatment when necessary.


Scale can be a real problem indoors because it's a good temperature year round, 什么是规模复制的理想条件. 普通的褐色鳞片是相对不动的, 所以如果它们被控制在一个工厂里, 然后你就可以控制他们了. Homemade soap sprays aren't that effective on scale because the scale on the outside of the insect acts like a shield. 你需要得到它 the cap of the insect - use a commercial 杀虫肥皂 for best results. 以下是最有效去除水垢的方法:

- Place a plastic bag or some covering around the soil of your plant. 这样可以防止任何水垢落入土壤中.

-买一种商业杀虫肥皂,就像那些 昊图公司 或更安全的. 把这个喷在植物上,让它看起来像肥皂一样漂亮. 

- Run your fingers along the stems and plant leaves, turning up the scale with your fingernails. 如果你不想碰昆虫的话, 你可以用旧牙刷甚至牙签, but you will have more control and accuracy with your fingernails. You may notice some scale fall onto the plastic bags; pick them up and discard them. 一定要把整个工厂看一遍. Scale will also hide on stems where they are camouflaged! 如果可用, 用袖珍放大镜仔细观察植物, 包括叶子和茎的折痕.

——用肥皂把植物擦干净后, 好好想想, 用水槽软管或淋浴喷头喷洒. Get all the soap off the plant so it doesn't affect growth. Keeping a plant strong, healthy and growing, can also keep insects away.

- Continue to check the plant again over the next three days to make sure you didn't miss any scales. If you missed any; repeat steps again. Check again once a week for the two months, just to make certain you got all them!


烟粉虱, 哪一种与蚜虫和鳞片关系更密切, 会被误认为是小白蛾吗. 如果你打扰它们,它们很容易就会逃跑. Both the nymphs and adults of the whitefly use their mouthparts to suck juices from plants, which can cause leaves to yellow and fall off prematurely. Additionally, whiteflies, like aphids, exude honeydew, which becomes an attractant for sooty mold. If you allow whiteflies to multiply, then they can attack your plant enough to weaken it. 

白蝇喜欢黄色, so the best way to catch them is by having yellow sticky traps and blasting the leaves with short bursts of water from a hose. 昊图公司Bug-B-Gon 对白蝇也有效吗. 


虽然严格来说它们不是昆虫, they are a pest that indoor gardeners do not want in their home.  蜘蛛螨几乎是肉眼看不见的. 你可以用放大镜看到它们, or can confirm their presence if there is a reddish film across the bottom of the leaves, 一些带子, 甚至是一些叶片受损, 这通常会导致叶子上出现红褐色的斑点.
If you detect spider mites on a plant, isolate it immediately,  and wash it thoroughly in the shower. Keep it in a space with a humidifier running daily, as Mites prefer dry conditions. Keep the air humid and the plant on the wet side and hopefully you can naturally rid your plant of the mites. 使用一个 杀虫肥皂 (depending on the plant) will also help kill them; be sure to follow the product directions carefully. 


Fungus gnats look similar to fruit flies, and are often mistaken as such. 他们的幼虫, 哪一点更值得关注呢, 喜欢以土壤中的真菌为食, 只有在潮湿的环境下才能得到. They can eat plant material, but if the fungi levels are high, they often won't.
The adult gnats will often hang around the soil to lay eggs, but the adults are harmless. 用叉子, scrape the top 1-2 inches of the plant's soil (without damaging the plant or roots) and let it dry out completely. 一旦你搅乱了土壤, apply some yellow sticky traps around the plant to catch the adults as well as a thin layer of 硅藻土. 这将很快解决问题. 


Keeping those pests from taking up residence in the first place requires a bit of extra work, 但要比处理虫害少得多. Here are few simple steps to follow when you bring a plant indoors or a new plant home for the first time. 


在里奇的, 我们非常注意我们的植物是健康的, 茁壮成长的,没有有害昆虫的, but there are exceptions when our plants could pick up a hitchhiker. 也就是说, 购买前仔细检查工厂, 如果你发现什么不对劲, 请马上通知我们的值班专家! 


If you are repotting your plant, be sure to clean the new pot with soap and hot water to sanitize it. Use a fresh bag of soil for repotting to insure there are no 'leftover' pests from previously used potting material. 


几天到几周, keep you plant in a separate room or area than your current houseplants. Inspect the leaves, soil and stems daily for signs of unwanted insects. If it looks okay after a few days, move it out of isolation. 如果你不确定,喷洒你的植物 杀虫肥皂 (按照指示)要格外小心.